Despairing Fates


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unaverage_emo When I heard of a Dark Souls themed band, I knew I had to give them a listen and I don't regret it one bit. It is perfect with how heavy it sounds. I await eagerly for more from them. Favorite track: In Fate's Thralldom.
creepingdeth95 thumbnail
creepingdeth95 I like it because everything about it is great. The music, the lyrical content, the entirety of the Souls series. Look at that album art, its fantastic. Favorite track: Chronicles of the Abysswalker.
skullkrusher29 thumbnail
skullkrusher29 I found out about you guys by watching a video about things you should know about dark souls three and your band came up so I decided to check you out and OH MY GOD am I glad I did one of the best bands I've ever heard without the souls reference and those are just icing on the cake. Favorite track: Hollow.
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Are you the next monarch? Or merely, a pawn of fate...?


released October 31, 2014

Brett Windnagle: Instruments, Additional Vocals, Production
Bryan Edwards: Vocals, Lyrics

Bo Bradshaw: Album design and art



all rights reserved




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Track Name: In Fate's Thralldom
"Are you the next monarch?
Or… merely a pawn of fate?
Bearer of the curse…
I will remain by your side.
Till this frail hope shatters…"


Born of the dragons
Contrived of men
By those who cozen fate
By those who failed in her

Icon of desperate dreams
Dead men imaginings
Herald to the chosen dead
Her manifestation beckons thee
Destroy the shackles of fate

A lonely girl burdened with life
Plagued with want and desire
Creator's failure or just
Inescapable fate

Seek misery
In misery greatness waits
Seek misery
Lest the land swallow you
Seek death
In death life waits
Seek death
In death we may be free

Like the failure before me
The ancient one sways me not

In my failures you can succeed
Chosen undead, reap this land for me

I am plagued with want and flesh
Never to break our curse
Slave to repetition

What will become of me when this ends
If she fells the throne, links the flame
Will we break the cycle
Or just repeat again
Track Name: Vicissitudinous Entrance to the Painted World
Cold and lonely is her castle
Spellcrafted by Ariamis

Torn from our plane of existence
Exiled by fear of the gods

Her world is painted in sorrow
Left here to fade into time
Banished within lands of shadow
The dragon goddess divine

Crossbred with blood of the ancients
Her gift, the hunter of life
Fated an abomination
Her beauty lives, trapped in the night

Have you come here to seek her?
Then you must cast it from thought
Have you come here to seek her?
Your desires shall be requited not

Cast out, forever imprisoned
She watches over her land

Her world is painted in sorrow
Left here to fade into time
Banished within lands of shadow
The dragon goddess divine
Track Name: Hollow
Awakening not in hell
Flesh still rotting from my bones
Surrounded I am, by my loved ones
Fear of me, I see in them
Gray sky, unholy dragon flies
Desolate and lonely, this dying land
Look down at my hands, shaking – trembling
Do not look at me, as if I'm not...

Memories drift afar
What am I to become?
The curse eats away
Fire dimming in the dark
I fall from the path

No way to survive
I have grown so hollow
I thirst for a soul
Hunger without satisfaction

Their fear it feeds, the lust in me
Primal instinct, to kill and rape
Darkness spreading, innards flowing
I watch and still I can not stop
Ripping what is left of their flesh
Consuming what little they have
Part of me is dying, disfigured and weak
Transforming into a hollow man
Track Name: Chronicles of the Abysswalker
Four knights assembled by the Lord of Light
To serve the will of the flame
Gather together to protect the land against the foes of life
His quest to seal the hungry Dark below
A source of fathomless taint
Primal energies of the cosmic night erupt from twisted souls

Into New Londo, he goes to face the darkness alone...

Trust the mad serpent
Take the covenant
Wear the ring to traverse the Abyssal world
Feel the Dark's control
Madness taking hold
Trap the power of the curse within his sword

Our glorious city is lost
This hero prolongs the inevitable
The Dark consumes him even now
Sealers must make the final choice
Close the gates and doom this place
May it rest forever beneath the waves

Return into the company of friends
Victory with such great cost
Given an amulet to purge the Dark, but his battle never ends
Her warmth puts his burdened soul at ease
A love born during peace
She gifts a loyal companion, a wolf, the symbol of his strength

Into Oolacile, he goes to face a new threat to all...

Sickness in this town
All has crumbled now
Nothing left here, but to reach the chasm's end
Face primeval man
Feel the Dark again
Dusk will fall unless our hero can withstand

Our champion the Abysswalker takes a grave injury
His arm hangs limp, unable to raise his shield
No defense against the advancing hollows
He leaves the shield with his faithful companion
To guard Sif from harm
The proud knight accepts his fate

With a final effort, the hero charges forth
Against the forces of Manus and his wrath
The pendant falls from its chain, it is lost
An accursed fate, to succumb to the Dark

Sir knight, my dear one
I can not bear to see you now
Should you ever be avenged?
I could not bear to strike you down

Farewell my friend
Dear knight, Artorias
Rest soon your soul
My friend forevermore

Until we meet again
My love, Artorias
Your tale will be legend
Let none forget our loss

Three hundred years shall pass
As the curse reveals its Darksign

A chosen undead rises to ring the bells at last
Along their quest they open a strange new door
The mighty warrior crashes through into the past
Summoned to face our friend and rest his weary soul

Sleep now, my love
This burden you're free of...
The battle is done
Avenged now by the chosen one

Into the Dark they go to face primeval man
And with the help of Sif they bring him to an end

Back on their quest
The chosen shall face the Dark again
To walk the Abyss
They must now seek the covenant

Find the lonely wolf
Deep within the woods
Standing guard over his master's hidden grave
Fight you to the death
With his final breath
Rest in peace now loyal friend, accept your fate
Track Name: Keeper of Cowardice
I awakened from the horror
In a realm apart from mine
The maiden's kindness brought some comfort
Filled by her presence so sublime

The fog descended without warning
Cloaking the kingdom in its woe
Demons feasted on our people
Waking the Old One deep below

My wife and daughter were left behind
That day so very long ago
I ran in madness driven by fear
Their torment haunts me still
A filthy coward, that is my crime
I dare not face the truth I know
My family suffered, this much is clear
And here I stockpile the guilt


"Th-Th-That hairpin! That belongs to my daughter!
Then, she didn't make it after all…
My dearest little baby… may she rest in peace…"


Locked up and tortured
Dark magic dictating fate
Ravaged by their evil captors
Left to rot within a cage
Such vicious mutilation
Unspeakable vices satiated
Stripped of their humanity
Condemned as witches set ablaze

I can not, I will not go
I will never leave this place
It grips me, the pain it grows
Nightmares of my daughter's face
I can hear her crying loud
Inhuman creatures tear her flesh
And I run until I pass out
Awake again here without rest

No solace here, regret alone
I will never know true peace
This limbo is my home
And I can never find release

Maiden in black, her eyes occluded by wax
My daughter would have been her age
Though I can never forget my past
Her power somehow keeps me sane
Track Name: Crushed by the Bramd
By the throat I grab thee
Crushing gauntlet, asphyxiate
Noble guardian slain
I slit thy throat

One by one, your followers die
Cleansing Boletaria

Desecrating thy writhing body
In the name of God you must die
Unholy, or divine
it matters not

Corruption and greed
Dragging her kin
To a filthy void
Depraved idealism
Saint Astraea
Truth seeker
The false saint
Deserving of death

By demon's souls
Submit to heresy
None shall be forgiven
No act gone unpunished

One by one, your followers die
Cleansing Boletaria

Against the bile
And putrid remains
I crush your flailing corpse
Bramd dripping blood
Defiling your sanctum
By your guardian's force
You are slain


"Dear God, have mercy.
Is not your abandonment of us punishment enough?
How long must we weather this cruel fate?"
Track Name: Scorpion Horror (Born of the Madness)
Years lived in peace
Until the master took us both
Warped into beasts
The magic corrupted our souls
You must defeat my love
Settle the score
Her toxic lust for blood
Scorpion horror

Born of the madness
I beg you, please, set her free
Though once my better half
Now only hate and fury seethe

Long we endured
Before the violence took its hold
Memories dear are lost
Replaced by endless war
You must defeat my love
Settle the score
Her toxic lust for blood
Scorpion horror

Born of the madness
All she knows are enemies
Love once so beautiful
Fate unleashed monstrosity

Whispers my friend
This is all that this form can ask
In tongues of men
A favor, help me on your quest

Descend the darkness
Into her lair we must go forth
Rise from the sand
Her stench of death that I abhor

Born of the madness
The master's sin
Must end the madness
This hell we're in


"I...wish to ask a favor of you...
I want you to kill my betrothed."


Though I may fall
Sorcery summons me back
Once and for all
Grant me deliverance at last

Go strike her down
Poisonous creature put to rest
Victory is now
Plunge your sword deep into her chest
You must defeat my love
Settle the score
Her toxic lust for blood
Scorpion horror
Track Name: Throne of Want
"My journey is already complete.
My name is Shanalotte.
The dragon gave me this name, for I was born with none.
I was born of dragons, contrived by men.
By ones who would cozen fate herself… They are the ones who created me.
But they failed."


Like a moth drawn to the flame
Your wings will burn in anguish
Time, after time
For that is your fate
The fate of the cursed

Each king has a rightful throne
And when he sits upon it
He sees what he chooses to see
Or perhaps, it is the throne
Which shows the king
Only what he wants

Long have I awaited one like you
Who would break the shackles of fate
Long have I tended to the fire
Watching this world decay

Those who come to Drangleic
Soon lose hope and turn hollow
It happens to them all
Perhaps this is your future

Will this cycle ever end at last?
The curse must be repeated
Will we ever learn from the past?
In failure we are all defeated

Each king must sit this throne
And when he sits upon it
It shall be his enemy
Or maybe, it is the throne
Which shows the king
This is his destiny

Long have I awaited one like you
Who would break the shackles of fate
Long have I tended to the fire
Dreaming of this very day

When darkness came upon this world
The king refused to set me free
Despairing fate, he locked away the throne
And left humanity the key
For ages I have endured this curse
To await the end of my suffering
Yours is the fate to light the flame of hope
And in it burn eternally

Each king will sit this throne
And when he sits upon it
Then he will truly see
The flame is the throne
Which burns with want
And the cycle repeats


"Fate would not be bested, and men were cursed once again.
If you proceed, Nashandra will come after you.
Knowing that you will take the throne, and link the fire.
She covets the First Flame, and the Great Soul.
Put Nashandra to rest.
Bring an end to your journey…and mine."